Faith & Work 2.0

Where: The Hannah Grimes Center, 25 Roxbury St., Keene, NH (Roxbury & Wadsworth Conference rooms). Please go to their website for location and parking info.
Who: Everyone is invited, especially pastors, elders, and anyone enthusiastic about this topic. We’d love to see churches bring teams of two or more people.
When: Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 9am to 4pm
Cost: $20 per person (includes lunch, coffee & refreshments, event materials) if you register by January 12th, 2018. After that the price is $30 per person.

You are invited to join a movement of God that is stirring in New England churches. It started back in 2015, when Camp Spofford hosted Faith and Work events for ministers and marketplace leaders. Dr. Gary Hoag, visiting professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity, sketched a biblical theology of faith and work in God’s economy for those who attended. Basically, he connected the dots for us as to how we can integrate these aspects of life according to God’s design in the Scriptures. After highlighting God’s workers in the New Testament, he shared practical ways that we as God’s workers can apply this thinking today in order to transform our communities for Christ. 

Pastor Paul Voltmer of Trinity EFC in Windsor, Vermont, attended the event in 2015 and came back to a follow up event in 2016. The lessons he learned and applied have transformed his church. Rather than thinking of himself as the minister, he now sees himself as equipping a congregation of ministers who live out their faith where they spend the bulk of their time each week — at work. Desiring that this movement would spread across New England, Camp Spofford asked Dr. Hoag and me to speak on Faith and Work at the Men’s Retreat in 2017. Attendees resonated with the teaching and discussions and asked for more. Here it is! Please plan to attend and bring a group from your church.

We are calling this gathering Faith and Work 2.0. We have four objectives in this one-day event:
(1) Dr. Gary Hoag will provide a basic biblical theology of the integration of faith and work in God’s economy to enhance what men heard at the men’s retreat. 
(2) Pastor Paul Voltmer will share how this thinking has shaped his thinking and practice in his local church setting to stimulate rich discussion among attendees.
(3) Dr. Gary Hoag will share how the integration of Faith and Work is transforming pastoral practice, corporate worship, discipleship, and outreach in churches.
(4) Attendees will work collaboratively to build basic plans for implementation and get free resources for the transformation of their church and community for Christ. 

 All attendees will receive these resources:

  • free ebook by Skye Jethani and Luke Bobo called Discipleship With Monday in Mind: How Churches Across the Country Are Helping People Connect their Faith and Work.
  • free ebook by the Economic Wisdom Project called Twelve Elements of Economic Wisdom

The first 12 churches to bring at least two people to the event will receive a hard copy of this book for their church:

  • Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good  by Amy Sherman

We hope you can join us!

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