Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry with Paul Reid

On June 16, Hope International Church in Waltham MA celebrated Pastor Paul Reid's retirement after 30 years of ministry.  Paul shared during the service about the "elephant in the room" -  that this is an earlier retirement than expected due to the fact that Paul has been diagnosed with a rare degenerative, neurological disease called Fahr's.  Paul encouraged everyone to "take a ride on this elephant" and learn about the goodness of God that Paul has come to know in suffering.  You can listen to this message below.    


Paul has also written a short book titled "Light and Momentary" describing his journey over the past few years.  He would be happy to share this book with anyone who would like a copy.  Please contact Paul if you are interested.  

Pastor Paul sharing during the celebration service.

Ves Sheely (NEDA District Superintendent from 1999-2016), Jim McClymonds (Hope International Church Chairman), and Alex McDonough (Hope International Associate Pastor) pray for Paul and Nancy Reid.